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Biography - Father Roger Landry
After receiving a biology degree from Harvard, Fr. Landry studied for the priesthood in Maryland, Toronto, and several years in Rome. After his priestly ordination, Father returned to Rome to complete graduate work in Moral Theology and Bioethics at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in Rome.

While in Rome, he was for several years a guide to the necropolis under St. Peter’s Basilica, did a multipart series for Vatican Radio on the principle Churches of Rome and led thousands of pilgrims to the other major Christian monuments in the city.

Father Landry was one of six seminarians profiled in the 1998 book The New Men: Inside the Vatican’s Elite School for Priests by Brian Murphy and the subject of profiles by the USA Today in June 2002, The National Catholic Register, 2003, and Columbia Magazine in July 2004. He writes regularly for Catholic newspapers and magazines and pens a weekly column entitled Putting Into The Deep for his diocesan newspaper, The Anchor. Fr. Roger Landry is the Executive Editor of The Anchor newspaper. During his years at Harvard, he co-founded a magazine called –Peninsula-.

In 2004, with Fr. Tad Pacholczyk, he founded the Donum Vitae Center for Bioethics, in order to make Catholic bioethical teaching accessible to non-specialists.

Fr. Roger Landry was ordained a Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts by Sean Cardinal O’Malley in 1998.

About Fr. Landry's talk:

What was the secret of Pope John Paul II's amazing success with young people across the globe? How can we make that success our own, as we try to pass on the treasure of the faith to our children and grandchildren? Come and find out, and be spiritually rejuvenated in the process!"

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