HTA Partnership with Resurrection Cemetery


A new venture for Holy Trinity Apostolate


Holy Trinity Apostolate and Resurrection Cemetery have partnered to create a beautiful resting place for HTA members and several lots for priests.


When I visited the cemetery and Matthew took me to The Most Holy Trinity Mausoleum I knew I wanted to have a final prayer near the Holy Trinity Statue that’s in the Mausoleum.  All HTA members can have the final prayer near the statue.  I have reserved 100 lots in the Southeast section of the Garden of Serenity for HTA member’s right outside the Most Holy Trinity Mausoleum.  Resurrection Cemetery will donate a granite monument in the center of the lots.  I have asked for a statue of the Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J. to be in the center.   I have written to Cardinal Burke to bless the property when His Eminence comes in March.  I’m waiting for His Eminence’s response. 

With losing my mother, dad and nephew in the last year it’s made me realize that we needed to find a resting place.  When I made the appointment I had no idea that this would be a Holy Trinity Apostolate venture.  I was purchasing a few lots for the family.  But why not the Apostolate family!  We have already sold several lots.  Dawn (Representative for the project) told me that this has never been done before.  They have sections for babies, veterans, large families, etc., but nothing for an Apostolate or any lay organization.    

They offer extremely reasonable payment options for families.  All agreements are handled internally with no credit application.  A family can expect to pay as little as $28 per month on a 5 year contract with 10% down.    Dawn Hein (Representative for the project)  – 586.226.3404.  Dawn will also make home visits to present the photographs of the property and The Most Holy Trinity statue.   

Barbara Middleton – President, Holy Trinity Apostolate


The Holy Trinity Apostolate, founded by the Servant of God, Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., is a lay organization faithful to Holy Mother Church and obedient to the magisterium. We are dedicated to bringing the ‘splendor of truth’ of the Roman Catholic Church to the faithful through the media of radio, television, conferences and other means of public communication as directed by Vatican Council II. The Holy Trinity Apostolate is dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.